Exploring the benefits of using glass block basement windows in your home

The popularity of using glass block windows in your basement has risen significantly during the years between 1960’s to 1970’s. Most home owners realized that glass block Basement Windows provided them with a modern window design and further these windows had great insulation features in them. But these windows have to be installed in a correct manner. If you are still not convinced then read the article below and get yourself acquainted regarding the benefits of using them.

Very versatile in nature

The versatility of a glass block basement window cannot be ignored for long. They can used as traditional basement window and also can be partitioned to block areas which have ugly view. They ensure privacy in your basement area when they are being used as living areas by the family by allowing light to filter in but blocking the inside view. This type of basement window can also be maintained easily by its users. These windows come in different varieties like hollow, square and rectangular. These types of basement windows can be coordinated with any traditional or modern room schemes. They also work well in both large and small basements.

Basement WindowsHelps to control the light transmission into the basement area

One of the essential advantages of using a basement window with glass block feature lies in the fact that you can control the amount of light entering your basement. There are various designs available in this type of basement window which would offer different textures in the surface. This would help you to completely remove light in your basement area or allow large amounts of light into it. Also when you have this type of basement window you can manipulate light and color elements entering the room.

Saves large amount of energy

The R-value or the thermal resistance of a glass block basement window is much higher than a traditional glass window. These windows allow as much as 80% of natural lights to enter the basement area and also prevent energy from being wasted. They also are strong to protect from any weather elements from entering into your basement living space and creating unnecessary hassle.

Have great security features

Most homeowners install a glass block basement window due to its security features. These windows can resist fire and also can be soundproof too. They are difficult to break in as the glass is solid in nature.

Very reliable

A basement window which has glass block features is very reliable and would last for years. The glasses are resistant to scratches and can be used in large family space areas where there are lots of activities. Their maintenance cost is very cost effective also and can be replaced easily, when the need arises.

In conclusion it should be maintained that these windows need to be installed properly with appropriate drainage system around them. This small factor would ensure that they keep their users happy for long years to come.

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